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In 1845, Kodaikanal was started as a hill station in the palani hills at 7375 ft. The Palani Hills were first surveyed by British Lieutenant P.S. Ward in 1821. The first people lived in the hills were dolmen-builders, which have left here several visible artifacts. But dolmen sites have not been carbons dated. In the Palani Hills Tribes are of two kinds, the Paliyans and Pulaiyans. Kukkal Caves, which is 35 Kms. away from Kodaikanal, show traces of Paliyan occupation. Paliyans are segmentary tribes. Next to Paliyans, Pulayans were settled as agriculturists at latter stage. The survey report of 1821, reveals Pulayans were the aborigines of the Palani Hills and followed Tamil Culture.more

- Get your birth and death certificates at Municipal facilitation Counter

-Pay your property tax,water charges,professional tax,non tax at facilitation counter/collection centers/authorised banks

-Get proper building plan

E-governance at Kodaikanal Municipality is aimed to provide on-line citizen services, information to all hierarchies and monitor the performances. It is in practice that citizens are approaching the respective Urban Local Bodies to pay their revenues, get certificates, approvals for construction of Building and run a business.. more

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