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1. Serfoji Market

This Old Market is located abutting the Palace Complex consist of 10 Blocks with 315 Shops. which serves as a neighborhood market for the eastern area of the town. A large chunk of vacant land is also available for future expansion of the market and this market generates a sizable income to municipality through renting of shops.

2. Kamaraj Market

This Market is located adjacent to the Fort Area with 102 shops serving the population in and around the Fort Area.

3. Subramaniya Swami Koil Market.

This Market is nearly 100 years old and maintained by the Subramania Swami Temple authority. Thanjavur which accommodates 100 shops. The revenue sharing from this market was fixed between the temple authority and the local body. which indicate that nearly 15% of the total revenue generated from this market need to the transferred to the local body.

4. Amarar Swaminathan Market

Beside the Amarar Swaminathan Market at Karanthai and A.V.K. Swami Market at Pookkara Street are the important Markets, Which cater the needs of the respective areas. At present the Municipality maintain 3 Commercial Complexes . Raja Rajan Commercial Compex, Gandhiji Commercial Complex and Municipal Colony Commercial Complex. It also maintain shops in old and new bus stands that generate substantial revenue.

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