Storm Water Drainage

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Thanjavur is provided with storm water drainage facility and majority of them are Kutcha drains. The existing storm water drains in Thanjavur mainly carry the wastewater disposal and in many places the functions of storm water drains are choked with garbage. which need regular maintenance by the Urban Local Body.

Nearly 58% of the roads are covered with storm water drains of which 66% Kutcha drains Majority of the places are provided with Kutcha drains this creates environmental problems. During rainy reason. The condiltion becomes worse during the flood seasons as this causes severe overflow, expecially along the four major streets around the fort area.

The cleaning activity is getting hundred due to throwing the waste into gutters and encroachments over the drains.
The manpower for drain cleaning activity employ only 59 person and the proportionate of drain length against the above manpower works out to be around 2.6km per person.

Coverage of the Storm Water Drains

Drain Type

Drain Length ( in Km)

Proportion (%)

Open Pucca/ surfaced



Kutcha / Unlined






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